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Onsite Personal /Small Group Training

* New Client Consultation required

  • 1 hour
  • 100 US dollars
  • Location determined by personal trainer and client

Service Description

Onsite personal training includes a brief check-in to discuss any physical changes or observations the client has made since the last session, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) per client request, and implementation of exercise regimen that the trainer has determined appropriate given the client's medical/health history and current status update, with an intent towards client fitness goals. Onsite training plus MAT can additionally address, mitigate, and improve specific existing issues from past or current injury, surgery, or activity (ie, being required to sit/stand/carry heavy loads all day). By addressing muscle weakness, contractile ability can be restored, alleviating imbalances and reducing compensation and pain. Discussing and targeting chronic arising issues allows the trainer to create a regimen to improve the quality of life for each client. Onsite partner/small group training focuses on group goals. The trainer first assesses individuals to ensure similar fitness ranges before implementing exercises deemed appropriate for multiple people concurrently. Targeted muscle contraction, stability of structures, and milestones are pursued with the same mindful planning and consideration as 1:1 personal training.

Contact Details

+ (847) 530-4050

Progression - Corrective Movement Therapies & Athletics Studio, 2178 Old Hollow Lane, Minneola, FL, USA

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